Thinkshop 16

The rotation periods of cool stars: Measurements, uses, connections and prospects

23rd - 26th September 2019

Welcome to the 16th Potsdam Thinkshop!

The 16th Thinkshop is going to take place from 23rd to 26th September 2019 in Potsdam at AIP campus on Babelsberg.

Rotation periods are rapidly becoming available for large numbers of cool stars, both from ground-based efforts, and also from space missions such as Kepler, Gaia, TESS, and before long, PLATO. These periods offer independent and complementary information about stars in comparison to prior techniques. For instance they are often used to derive ages for cool stars via a procedure known as gyrochronology. Rotation also helps to interpret and illuminate various magnetic and activity behaviors of stars, and rotation in turn is likely itself affected by various factors. Related topics include open clusters, membership, metallicity, binary stars, effects of close companions, and various others might be relevant to the aims of well-reasoned measurement, usage, and interpretation of rotation periods, and future prospects. The workshop will enable researchers to present their results in a more intimate setting than often possible, and significant time will be reserved for discussions and interaction.

Relevant topics:

  • measurement of rotation periods
  • rotation in open clusters
  • membership of open clusters
  • rotation of field stars
  • interpretation of rotation periods
  • differential rotation
  • magnetism-rotation connection
  • multiplicity studies of cool stars
  • wide binaries
  • ages from rotation
  • other uses of rotation
  • lithium and Li-rotation connection
  • X-Ray activity
  • connections with other activity indicators
  • puzzles and complexities


Sydney Barnes (chair)
Constantine Deliyannis
Elisa Distefano
Jose D. do Nascimento
Thomas Granzer
Silva Järvinen
Elisabeth Newton
Steven Saar
Klaus Strassmeier


Katrin Böhrs (chair)
Dario Fritzewski
David Gruner
Ekaterina Ilin
Arto Järvinen
Matthias Mallonn
Pavai Valliappan
Jörg Weingrill

Brandenburg / AIP-Potsdam-Babelsberg, Potsdam at right to middle lower part of the picture. Park Babelsberg on left side, top left the “Spy bridge” (Glienicker Brücke); the lake at the upper part of the picture is Potsdam/Berlin border area.