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Coffee Break
Coffee Break
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Coffee Break / Posters
Coffee Break / Posters
Coffee Break / Posters
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Welcoming Address & Reception

Each session will be introduced by invited reviews (25 min + 5 min discussion). Several invited talks (20 min + 5 min discussion) are especially aimed at promoting junior researchers (post-doctoral fellows and senior PhD students). Contributed talks (15 min + 5 min discussion) will complete the program. Posters (max. A0 portrait format) will be presented during the afternoon coffee breaks just in front of the conference lecture hall.

Monday, October 26

Session I: Solar Eruptive Events (CMEs, CME-Flare Relationship, Eruptive Prominences, Theory, and Models)

14:00–15:30 Session Ia

Chair : Gottfried Mann

14:00–14:30: Bojan Vrsnak »Solar Eruptions: the CME-flare Relationship« (Invited Review)

14:30–14:50: Astrid Veronig »Observation Signatures of Magnetic Reconnection in Solar Flares«

14:50–15:10: Bernhard Kliem »Coronal Mass Ejection-Flare Relationship and the Topology of the Erupting Field«

15:10–15:30: Matej Kuhar »Correlation of Hard X-Ray and White Light Emission in Solar Flares«

15:30–16:30: Coffee break / Posters

16:30–18:00 Session Ib

Chair : Sam Krucker

16:30–16:55: Manuela Temmer »Kinematical Properties of Coronal Mass Ejections« (Invited Talk)

16:55–17:15: Thomas Ayres »Superflares on Solar-Type Stars: The Curious Case of EK Draconis «

17:15–17:40: Vasilis Archontis »Magnetic Flux Emergence and Associated Eruptions in the Sun« (Invited Talk)

17:40–18:00: Ewa Chmielewska »Plasma Diagnostics in Two Kinematic Classes of CMEs Observed by SDO/AIA«

18:00–20:00: Welcome Address & Reception

Tuesday, October 27

Session II: Particle Acceleration and X-Ray Emission During Flares

09:00–10:30 Session IIa

Chair : Astrid Veronig

09:00–09:30: Eduard Kontar »Particle Acceleration and X-Ray Emission During Flares« (Invited Review)

09:30–09:50: Alexander Warmuth »Thermal and Nonthermal Flare Components Deduced from X-ray Observations«

09:50–10:10: Christian Vocks »Solar Observations with LOFAR«

10:10–10:30: Andreas Klassen »Simultaneous Observations of a Near-relativistic Electron Spike Event by Both STEREO Spacecraft«

10:30–11:00: Coffee Break

11:00–12:30 Session IIb

Chair : Davina Innes

11:00–11:25: Jaroslav Dudik »On the Spectral Synthesis of Flare Emission for the Non-Maxwellian Distributions« (Invited Talk)

11:25–11:45: Michal Varady »Hybrid Simulations of Chromospheric Flare HXR Sources«

11:45–12:05: Meriem Alaoui »Understanding Breaks in X-ray Spectra: Evaluation of a Co-spatial Return-current Model«

12:05–12:25: Frank Breitling »Observations of Type III Bursts with LOFAR«

12:30–14:00: Lunch Break

Session III: Jets and Related Phenomena

14:00–15:30 Session IIIa

Chair : Manuela Temmer

14:00–14:30: Davina Innes »Observations of Solar jets and their Related Phenomena« (Invited Review)

14:30–14:50: David Kuridze »The Dynamics of Small-scale Halpha Structures in the Solar Chromosphere«

14:50–15:10: Rohan Eugene Louis »Small-scale Chromospheric Jets Above a Sunspot Light Bridge«

15:10–15:30: Johannes Löhner-Böttcher »Magnetic Field Reconstruction based on Chromospheric Sunspot Oscillations«

15:30–16:30: Coffee Break / Posters

16:30–18:00 Session IIIb

Chair : Eduard Kontar

16:30–16:55: Etienne Pariat »Observations and Models of solar Jets« (Invited Talk)

16:55–17:15: Lijia Guo »Rayleigh-Taylor Type Instabilities in the Reconnection Exhaust Jet as a Mechanism for Supra-arcade Downflows«

17:15–17:35: Arkadiusz Berlicki »Modeling of Ellerman Bombs based on the New IRIS Observations Obtained in Mg II Lines«

17:35–17:55: Christoph Kuckein »On the Nature of Ellerman Bombs and Microflares as Observed with the 1.5m GREGOR Telescope«)

Wednesday, October 28

Session IV: Dynamo Relation to Eruptive Events (Large Time-Scale Statistics)

 09:00–10:30 Session IVa

Chair : Julia Thalmann

09:00–09:30: David Hathaway »Solar Cycle Prediction and Reconstruction« (Invited Review)

09:30–09:50: Rainer Arlt »Solar Activity through Four Centuries«

09:50–10:10: Andrew Walker »The Impact of Sunspot Rotation on Energetic Solar Flares«

10:10–10:30:  Francesco Zuccarello »Critical Decay Index at the Onset of Solar Eruptions«

10:30–11:00: Coffee Break

11:00–12:30 Session IVb

Chair : Etienne Pariat

11:00–11:20: Sonja Jejcic »Hot Erupting Prominence in the Core of a CME: Analysis of SOHO/UVCS L-alpha and SOHO/LASCO Visible-light Observations«

11:20–11:40: Antonia Savcheva »The Relation between CME Topologies and Observed Flare Features«

11:40–12:00: Adalbert Ding »Thermodynamics of Eruptive Prominences Observed During the Total Solar Eclipse of 20 March 2015«

12:00-12:20: Meetu Verma »Active Region Filaments and Magnetic Neutral Lines – Early Science Observations with the GREGOR Solar Telescope Coordinated with VTT, Hinode, and IRIS«

12:20–14:00: Lunch Break

Session V: Magnetic Fields in the Chromosphere (Measurements and Modeling)

14:00–15:30 Session Va

Chair : Rohan Louis

14:00–14:30: Julia Thalmann »Magnetic Fields in the Chromosphere and Corona« (Invited Review)

14:30–14:50: Pavol Schwartz »Non-LTE Inversion of Spectropolarimetric and Spectroscopic Observations of a Filament on 11 September 2014 at the VTT«

14:50–15:10: Petr Heinzel »Energetics of Chromospheric Flares«

15:10–15:30: Horst Balthasar »Spectropolarimetric Observations of Filaments with GREGOR«

15:30–16:30: Coffee Break / Posters

16:30–18:00 Session Vb

Chair : Christian Vocks

16:30–16:55: Rafael Manso Sainz  »Measuring Magnetic Fields in the Chromosphere and Above« (Invited Talk)

16:55–17:15: Paolo Romano »Magnetic Helicity and Active Filaments«

17:15–17:35: Sergio Javier Gonzalez Manrique »Multiwavelength Observations of a Small Emerging Flux Region Observed with GREGOR and SST«

Thursday, October 29

Session VI: Methodology for Flare Research (Instrumentation and Virtual Observatories)

 09:00–10:30 Session VIa

Chair : Carsten Denker

09:00–09:30: Francesca Zucarello »Multi-spectral Observations of Flares« (Invited Review)

09:30–09:50: Neil Hurlburt »A Survey of Eruptions Found with Eruption Patrol«

09:50–10:10: Gottfried Mann »Solar Physics and Space Weather with LOFAR«

10:10–10:30: Pavel Kotrc »On Measurement of Optical Continuum Flux in Solar Flares«

10:30–11:00: Coffee Break

11:00–12:30 Session VIb

Chair : Aleš Kučera

11:00–11:25: Miroslav Barta »Solar Observations with ALMA« (Invited Talk)

11:25–11:50: Alexandra Tritschler »Observing Transient and Dynamic Solar Phenomena with the DKIST« (Invited Talk)

11:50–12:10: Carsten Denker »History of Solar Physics at Potsdam«

12:10–14:00: Lunch Break

14:00–15:30: Telegraphenberg Tour Einstein Tower / Great Refractor



1.   Juan Borrero »Fine Structure of the Penumbra seen with GREGOR«

2.   Peter Gömöry »Observations of a Delta-spot During an M-class Flare«

3.  Aleš Kučera »Solar Chromospheric Detector at Lomnicky Stit Observatory for Measurements of Solar Magnetic and Velocity Fields«

4.   Alshaimaa Hassanin »MHD Simulation of a Confined Solar Filament Eruption«

5.   Veronica Ontiveros »Observational Characteristics of Geoeffective CMEs«

6.   Nai-Hwa Chen »Recurrent Jets observed by IRIS and SDO/AIA«

7.  Andrea Diercke »Dynamics and Evolution of a Giant Solar Filament as Observed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory«

8. Arkadiusz Berlicki »Participation of Amateur Astronomers in Solar Flare Observing Campaign within the F-CHROMA Project«

9. Salvo L. Guglielmino »Multi-instrument Observations of a δ-spot Hosting a C4.1 Flare«

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